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Psychiatric Services: Specialized medical intervention is provided by Patricia K. Hill, MD, who concentrates on adult general psychiatry and substance abuse. Services include comprehensive evaluation, psychotherapy, medication management, assistance with medical consultation and referral when appropriate.

Medication Assisted Therapy: Medication-assisted treatment (MAT), including opioid treatment programs, combines behavioral therapy and medications to treat substance use and psychiatric disorders. A combination of medication and counseling and behavioral therapy is effective in treating opioid dependency. Medications can decrease cravings and withdrawal symptoms which helps the patient focus on other aspects of their treatment plan to recovery. Clients in the MAT program are under close evaluation.

Substance Use Disorder Treatment:Center Street Psych Services helps adults struggling with drug and alcohol addiction find long-term recovery. We understand the devastation that substance abuse problems can cause in all aspects of one’s life. Our integrative, comprehensive and individualized approach helps clients find the solutions that can build a strong foundation for long term sobriety.

Our program accepts most major insurance including Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Humana, and Aetna (for physician services only). We also accept Medicaid and Medicare.

Opioid Maintenance Therapy: Because treating the whole person is our philosophy, we require the following for admission into our Opioid Maintenance Program:

  • 1 - Recent physical exam - within past 60 days
  • 2 - General labs plus screening for Hep C and HIV
  • 3 - OB referral with pregnancy test results for women who report pregnancy at time of admission.

Referrals by physicians, clinicians or agencies can be made by calling 704-872-2350 or faxing information to 704-872-2351. Once we receive that information we will schedule you for intake into the program.

Psychiatric Services: Call our office 704-872-2350.

Individual Counseling Services: Call our office 704-872-2350.

Education and Consultation: Call our office 704-872-2350.

Clinical Supervision: Call our office 704-872-2350.